What does it cost?

Every customer is different, so to give you a guide here is where the prices start;

Storage starts from 15.00 per sqm

Order fulfilment from $4.00

Transport of bulk stock supplies start at $1.00 per unit

Outsource some or all of the storage and order fulfilment

Being able to get stock out of your own retail space or private garage and into a low cost secure facility could be a game changer for your growth prospects. In addition we offer as an option to fulfill orders from that supply of stock, deliver it for you or direct it through any distribution channel you prefer via suppliers like sendle or our partners.

Our focus is low cost, customised e-commerce support so you decide what you want to outsource and what you need to maintain control over.  This can change at any time as your workload changes.

The information we need to be able to quote you includes;

  1. How much space for your inventory needs.  We use a per square meter price for storage and can start from 1 square meter.
  2. The origin of your first inbound supply to the warehouse is something we need to know.  If there is a large initial supply coming in, we offer transport from freight depot to our warehouse and a validation service.  This validation process is optional to check your items for damage, double check the number of items and to upload the final numbers into our own inventory tracking system.
  3. An estimate of the number of requests we’ll receive each week for your items to be shipped.
  4. Your packaging requirements, repacking we can do and you can decide what way that is done.

Cost of warehouse space

One of the benefits of the Coolum Industrial precinct is the the cost of space.  To rent just one square meter of space inside a shed should start at about 12.00 without any other services.  On top of that base cost you need to consider if you need insurance cover for loss or damage, additional people on hand to handle any despatch duties when you’re ready to move it again, security services or other flexible services you need to have to manage that storage.  Depending on the amount of space and the type of item being stored we charge between 15 and 35.00 for a square meter of storage a month.

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